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Star Academy 7: Prime 2, 02.11.07

Now it really begins. Here's my recap of this week's prime....

Firstly, this week's marks - and it's good news for the Academy's answer to Amy Winehouse....!
Maureen : 17,202 Sevan : 13,803 Pierre : 13,204 Alexia : 134 Claire-marie : 134 Antoine : 137 Lucie : 12,808 Quentin : 12,609 Yaëlle : 12,4010 Jérémy : 12,2011 Bertrand : 11,4012 Eva : 11,2013 Noémie : 11,14 Dojima : 10,6015 Claudia : 10,4016 Mathieu : 9,4017 Alexandra : 8,4.

"Prendre Racine" - Calogero & Jeremy: Oh, my heart fluttered a few times here. Jeremy has lots of charm and I thought he did really well in this duet with one of my favourite French singers, Calogero.

"Don't Stop The Music" - Rihanna & Claudia: I like Claudia already for some reason. This wasn't a testing number vocally but I think she's got some charisma.

"Double Je" - Christophe Willem & Eva: what sets Star Academy apart from the rest of the reality-talent contests is that it thinks big. Spectacular staging and visually striking choreography, which totally lifted this duet. She was OK, and we at EuropeCrazy like Christophe too, so thumbs up.

"J'Irais ou Tu Iras" - Celine Dion & Pierre. I don't like Celine Dion at all, but I suppose I could just about tolerate this rock-influenced number. Thought he did quite well on this one.

"Laisse-Moi T'Aimer" - Bertrand: already he's dividing the show's fans. I actually like him. He certainly brings a bit of individuality and showmanship to the competition.

"Complicated" - Avril Lavigne and Yaelle: You can tell already that Yaelle is going to be pigeonholed into this little punky-rebel box. Thought she sang quite well, although can't really see someone with her image winning this thing.

"Jacques a Dit" - Christophe Willem & Maureen: Again quite impressive, even if it's not really one of my favourite songs of his and didn't really show what Maureen can do.

"Quand J'Serai KO" - Dojima: the first nominee of the night. This utterly reeked of cheese and the cardigan didn't help, but it had some charm.

"Pomme C" - Calogero & Antoine: felt that Antoine had some vocal weaknesses and lacked maturity. Oh and I still think he looks as if he should be a member of Busted or McFly.

"Immensite" - Celine Dion & Alexia: good performance by Alexia who held her own and I think that she is already sounding like a contender.

"Des Mots Qui Resonnent" - Alexandra: she was OK but nothing more, and Jenifer she ain't.

"Umbrella" - Rihanna & Lucie: I keep calling Lucie "Julie" because she reminds me a bit of the Nouvelle Star contestant. That aside, Rihanna towered over her, both in height and vocal ability, but bits of it were OK.

"Dieu Est Un Fumeur" - Noemie & Sevan: awww, they're sooooo in love :-)
Are they genuine? Are they fake? Who knows? In any case Noemie did better than her 'other half' Sevan this time. She certainly looked lovingly at him throughout. Pass the sick bag?

"Le Mur du Son" - Mathieu: second nominee this week, but in spite of that I quite enjoyed this and felt it was enough to keep him in for another week.

"Goodbye Philadelphia" - Peter Cincotti & Quentin: already decided that Quentin is one of my favourites. Beau gosse blah blah blah, but one with talent.

"Si Maman Si" - Claire-Marie: She looks like a librarian but she has a very nice voice and she sang very well, but what a pity that she chose to copy France Gall's vocal style a little too closely. More originality next time please.

Jury ratings for the prime:

1. Maureen 2. Quentin 3. Alexia 4. Claire-Marie 5. Jeremy 6. Pierre 7. Yaelle 8. Claudia 9. Eva 10. Bertrand 11. Noemie 12. Antoine 13. Sevan 14. Lucie.

Result: Mathieu saved by the public, and Dojima saved by the jury. (Yes the jury and not the students now get the responsibility of saving a contestant).

Au revoir: Alexandra, who becomes the first student to be evicted from the Academy.

Next week's prime: Amel Bent, Kylie Minogue, Jenifer, Juanes. Bring it on!

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