Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Jenifer: new album "Lunatique" released (but I'm not reviewing it yet)

Mentioned this a few weeks ago but as it was released yesterday I thought I'd check out the sound clips of Jenifer's new album, (over at www.fnac.com and follow the 'telecharger' links). As you know I wasn't too keen on "Tourner Ma Page" to begin with but then grew to love it. A few of the tracks here have a similar feel, her voice has certainly matured and musically it's a departure from anything she's previously done. Just like the first single from the album, I think this will need some patience and a few listens, therefore I won't be reviewing it until I hear the songs a few more times.

One of these days on this blog I will actually do an album review rather than just talk about doing one eventually :-)

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