Sunday, November 25, 2007

Star Academy 23.11.07: review

The evening kicked off with all the students singing "Je Marche Seul".
"Vivo Per Lei" - Andrea Bocelli, Chimene Badi & Alexia: not easy for Alexia being put beside not one but two great singers - but well done.
Top5: 5 - Maureen; 4 - Quentin; 3 - Jeremy; 2 - Pierre; 1 - Bertrand
So far, the boys are setting the pace, but don’t get too comfortable - I’ve watched enough Star Ac to know it can (and will) all change....
"Le Jerk" - Lorie & Lucie: I haven’t really noticed Lucie till now, but I quite like her and thought she was better than (double-tracked) Lorie on this.
"Entre Nous" - Noemie: she is no Chimene Badi, and any chance she had of remaining in the competition just vanished here.
"J’aime Regarder Les Filles" - Bertrand: poor excuse to showcase this year’s Miss France finalists. Vocally a bit off, but he’s still a character.
"Sweet Dreams" - Quentin: one of those unique Star Academy moments when you are just left speechless. What have you done to my lovely Quentin? Why the eye make-up? Anyway you can’t deny his talent and if he wins, he could possibly be one of the most unusual and fascinating winners this series has ever had.
"Je Vais Vite" - Lorie & Eva: good performance, even if it wasn’t the best song she managed to vocally compete with Lorie.
"Marcia Baila" - Claudia: she has, as Simon Cowell might say, the ‘likeability factor’ and I still can’t understand why she was nominated this week?
"Caroline" - MC Solaar & Maureen: Maureen rapping? What a waste.
"Con Te Partiro" - Andrea Bocelli & Pierre: Andrea is without question one of the world’s greatest singers, but sadly Pierre is no Gregory Lemarchal.
"Medley Will.I.Am" - Will.I.Am & Sevan: Sevan looks the part and this wasn’t too demanding - but how would he cope with a big chanson?
"La Boheme" - Chimene Badi & Maureen: Maureen is proving to be very versatile and this was a very different style for her but she was outclassed by the mighty Chimene.
"Une Seule Vie" - Antoine: he still looks too young for this competition, and I still have reservations about his potential. Managed this ok though.
"Hot Stuff" - Craig David & Mathieu: Mathieu very much at home on this song. Good.
"Da Vinci Claude" - MC Solaar & Sevan: like Harlem before him, rapper Sevan may have a limited shelf life, but he did well here - I like this!
"Le Diner" - Claire-Marie & Jeremy: a bit of old-fashioned French fun, although this jury’s still out on Claire-Marie...
Quentin, Maureen, Pierre, Mathieu & Claire-Marie get top 5 on this week’s prime.
"Malgre Tout" - Chimene Badi & Bertrand: nice duet, well done but Bertrand - less of the facial grimaces, they’re a bit offputting!
Antoine saved by 48% of the viewers. Noemie 34%, Claudia only 18% (?)
Thankfully the jury saw sense and sent home the one who tried just a little too hard in the opening revoir Noemie.


AcerBen said...

Funny the jury really liked Claudia but the public didn't.. maybe it's because she isn't French? She didn't deserve to be nominated this week. Hope she gets next week off. Not sure why Bertrand is so popular, his voice is pretty nasty. Still Maureen vs Quentin for me.

EuropeCrazy said...

Wouldn't argue with that, they are still my two favourites as well and are way ahead of the rest. I don't understand why Pierre is doing so well. Certainly Bertrand has a very unusual fashion sense, but as for his voice, I thought it was ok in the beginning but now it's grating on me.