Thursday, November 22, 2007

EuropeCrazy presents: The 2007 - 50

Tonight I've decided to begin my countdown of my 50 favourite songs of 2007. There are a few of them which were released in 2006, but they make my chart either because a) I hadn't heard them before this year or b) I played them a lot this year. Anyway I'll be doing two songs per day and that will take us up to just before Christmas when I will reveal the song I liked best this year. About half of the songs will be by European acts, and if you've been following my weekly playlists since the blog began in March, then most of my choices shouldn't be too surprising.


Rachel said...

Ooh this is a good idea.The only question is,will it be Salem or Snook at number 1....?

EuropeCrazy said...

Ha ha ha!

You know me well. The artist at no.1 might just begin with the letter S !!!

Let's just say it will probably the person I write about more than any other on this blog.....