Monday, November 19, 2007

New video for "It's True" by Salem Al Fakir: never go walking in the sea with your best suit on

My excitement has reached fever pitch tonight at the discovery of a new video for Salem Al Fakir's "It's True" (find it at
Shot in black and white, it's surprisingly dark and surreal and in contrast to the song's happy and positive vibe. Salem is dressed in a suit and tie, his hair is tied back and he's got this facial hair thing going on. Anyway he walks barefoot across the pebbles on the beach and into the sea, and eventually he is engulfed by a big wave, and a very cryptic ending.

Salem looks very different in this video, but there's always something about a man in a suit and you know that for me he can do no wrong anyway!!!!

I remember reading a messageboard post somewhere a couple of months ago which mentioned that they'd seen him filming this video on a beach, but I didn't really believe this at the time but's true!! (sorry for this atrocious pun).

Haven't found any reviews of his Stockholm gig from last night yet - I need to find out how it went. If you were there and you're reading this blog - tell me! (sorry, yet another terrible pun) :-))))

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