Friday, September 07, 2007

The EuropeCrazy Holiday Hit List: Spring 2006

We’re heading towards the end of this series but not before we stop off at yet another new country: Poland, and the beautiful city of Krakow.
Unfortunately my knowledge of Polish music wasn’t too great before, during or after this holiday. I went in search of some Polish-language Now-type compilations but I couldn’t find any, although my travelling companion did manage to find a female singer he liked and purchased her CD.
Therefore my list of songs this time are all international hits and not local ones, sadly :-(
"Crazy" - Gnarls Barkley: there was no escaping this, anywhere.
"Red Dress" - Sugababes: one of my favourite songs of theirs.
"Beep" - Pussycat Dolls": yes.
"Turn Your Car Around" - Lee Ryan: most played song of the holiday. Poland loves the ex-members of Blue, as I heard a lot of Simon Webbe as well.
"Je T’Adore" - Kate Ryan: A Flemish Belgian singing a song in English, played a lot on Polish radio. Now that’s what I call an international hit.
"SOS" - Rihanna: her again. Faithful travelling companion really liked the video, for obvious reasons.
"Stupid Girls" - Pink: possibly the other most-played song of the holiday.
"Cesse La Pluie" - Anggun: great singer, great song.

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