Thursday, September 06, 2007

The EuropeCrazy Holiday Hit List: Summer 2005

Normal service resumed and we were back once more in Nice.
No prizes for guessing that I watched lots of "Star Academy" on TF1, (even though Series 5 wasn’t really a favourite of mine) but anyway there were new opening titles and a brand new theme tune - the brilliant "Love Generation" by Bob Sinclar which was the song of the holiday.
My shopping list this time included Jenifer’s "Le Passage", "De Jour Comme de Nuit" by Astonvilla, "Live 1.0" by Calogero, and the excellent "Mon Cabaret" by Sofia Essaidi. It was also the year of "Le Roi Soleil" and I couldn’t resist buying the special edition of the soundtrack CD.
So what was I listening to?
"Caravane"/"Ne Partons Pas Faches" - Raphael: he was massively popular at that time
"Un Geste de Vous" - Le Roi Soleil: third single from the musical soundtrack, this time featuring lead vocals from Christophe and Lysa.
"From Paris To Berlin" - Infernal: a hit in France long before it made the UK charts. Great dance anthem.
"Plus Belle La Vie" - Eva: easy-going theme tune to a French TV soap.
"Pas Sans Toi" - M Pokora: Matt in ballad mode this time. Rather good too.
"Pon de Replay" - Rihanna: the beginning of a trend - where there was a holiday, there was a Rihanna hit.
"Toutes les Peines" - Patrick Fiori: I’m not really a fan of his but I liked this.
"Bouger Bouger" - Magic System: the zouk tune of that summer
"Aimer Jusqu’a L’Impossible" - Tina Arena: Aussie pop songstress reinvented as a Francophone favourite.

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