Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mission impossible?

Sorry but I'm feeling a little disheartened tonight, if only because of the failure of Tokio Hotel's "Ready Set Go" to make the UK top 40. I've also now read that the UK release of their English language album has now been postponed until January 2008. (It was originally due to be released in September 2007, then November 2007). On the one hand it may be a successful strategy as many new acts are launched at the beginning of every year: on the other hand it doesn't look good and may be another case of the narrow-minded UK music media and record buying public's refusal to acknowledge musical talent from other countries - even when they sing in English!

Whilst in Berlin I noticed an incredibly broad-minded attitude to music - the record stores were full of everything from German acts to new and established British and American stars to many, many international acts from Sweden, Spain, Norway, Italy, France....the list is endless. If only it was the same over here...

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