Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pourquoi, pourquoi, pourquoi, pourquoi

Oops. Might have been a bit rash in my dismissal of Jenifer's new song "Tourner Ma Page". Have heard it another couple of times since and am about to revise my judgement. It's not "Au Soleil" or " Ma Revolution" or "Donne-Moi Le Temps", I have to accept that and move on. (I'm having to accept a lot and doing a lot of moving on today !!) It's a new style for her, and her album will be called "Lunatic" which sounds promising.

Sorry I've not been as positive as usual today, but I'm off to bed now and will end the day on a positive note and say that I like Jenifer's song. And I've just watched Salem singing "Good Song" live at Skansen. Utterly perfect, and now everything in the world is fine again.

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