Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MTV EMAs (again - yawn yawn)

Anyway I managed to check out Neverstore and they would appear to be one of those Fall Out Boy/Blink 182/My Chemical Romance emo-punky-rocky bands, which is all good and well - BUT - and I mean no offence to the band, but there are enough of these types of band around at the moment.

That was why I wanted Salem Al Fakir to win the Swedish New Sounds of Europe (NSOE) heat, purely because he is an absolutely original talent. But he didn't win, so I now have to accept that and move on. But he could at least have been included in the nominations for Best Swedish act - after all the aforementioned Neverstore were nominated in both categories. Hmm.

I've therefore decided to check out some of the other NSOE semi finalists.

Italy - Zero Assoluto. They are a duo who seem to do some nice pop with an r'n'b edge to it.

Spain - Jaula de Grillos. I'm a bit out of touch with Spanish pop of late so I hadn't heard of him either. Commercial pop/rock.

Turkey - Yakup. Rock with some Jimi Hendrix influences. Very surprised to hear this type of thing from Turkey (again my knowledge of Turkish music is very limited to the likes of Tarkan and the annual Eurovision entrants!!)

Norway - Aleksander With. First read about him over at Work Your Magic so I knew the name already. He's young and has a very good voice. Good pop star.

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