Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday night.

OK so I'm really bored now with "The X Factor", it's got nothing new to offer but I watch it anyway.

Liked "The World's Greatest Elvis". It will probably be slaughtered by the TV critics but it was a fun way to spend a Saturday night if you're a fan of the King (which we at EuropeCrazy are of course, uh-huh-huh) and we eagerly await next week's grand final.
"Strictly Come Dancing" - our most favourite guiltiest pleasure of the winter months - starts in a fortnight. Yay!!!! Will have to go a long way to beat Mark Ramprakash though. That man certainly brightened up our dark autumn/winter evenings last year....! And I'm not even a fan of cricket.

Tonight I'm not doing any 80s night or 'Recent Retro' or watching any videos. No, instead I'm doing something I haven't done for a fortnight - listened to "This Is Who I Am" and do you know what? It's wonderful.

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