Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Salem in Stureplan (surely some mistake?) / Martin Stenmarck: facial hair alert

Been over to which documents which hip hangouts the beautiful people of Stockholm have been, er, hip-ly hanging out in.

There's a picture of Salem there, looking very nice, although I could have done without the other bloke in the picture trying to out-grin him. (Nobody out-grins him, do you hear me?). I went to another blog which raised some concern that Salem, nice, grounded, non-showbizzy, lovely down to earth person that he is, could now be getting caught up in the whole Stureplan scene.

Anyway to get to the point: WHAT'S WITH THE FACIAL HAIR, MARTIN STENMARCK? At least he's also growing some hair on his head, but he doesn't need to grow it on his face as well.

That aside, I'm quite excited at the prospect of a new album from Martin and it should be good if the single (now no.1 in Sweden, I believe?) is anything to go by.

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Poster Girl said...

Ooo, that site is getting bookmarked right now!