Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jenifer: new Paris Match interview

After a couple of years out of the limelight, Jenifer Bartoli has broken her silence and given an exclusive interview to Paris Match magazine.

During the interview, the singer revealed that she has spent the past couple of years at home in Corsica with her partner Maxim Nucci and son Aaron, working on new songs. She has also been involved in charity work in Nepal.

One of the new songs allegedly refers to her brief separation from Maxim, however she didn't want to discuss this subject as both are now back together and very happy - but she certainly did confirm that contrary to rumours this summer (which we foolishly thought might be true) that she and Maxim wouldn't be getting married any time soon.

Jenifer also said that people might be surprised by her new musical direction (we certainly were!) and that she would like to continue to evolve as an artist.

Looking forward to hearing her new album which is out in November. Jenifer will also begin a tour on 10.04.08.

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