Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Still not happy, but a bit more happy than I was 3 hours ago.

Now it's lunchtime.

Back to these MTV EMA nominations and notice that Tokio Hotel are nominated in Band of 2007 and International Act categories.

Can we also have a Best Eyeliner wearer category? We could have Tokio-Bill along with My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy etc etc!

Lots of nominations for Justin and Rihanna-anna-anna-ay-ay-ay.

Have brought myself to look at the other New Sounds of Europe semi finalists, at least Christophe Willem is through to represent France, and I suppose I'm quite happy with James Morrison for the UK, purely for the reason that he's not Kate Nash, that is good reason enough.

Sunrise Avenue for Finland - I do like that "Fairytale Gone Bad" song, so glad that they're through.

Will do another post later about the Best Regional Act nominees, as I should have worked up enough enthusiasm by then - after all we are EuropeCrazy and welcome the opportunity to have some more European music to go crazy about.

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