Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There’s a party going on at Bobby’s place, they’re trying the limits of the human race

Firstly to clarify that this act haven’t made it into our Hall of Fame as they are no longer making records, but I just had to mention an excellent Belgian act which came to my attention almost 20 years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Soulsister.

There were no ‘sisters’ in Soulsister - it was a duo made up of two extremely talented guys named Jan Leyers and Paul Michiels. In appearance and musical style they initially reminded me of Daryl Hall and John Oates (tall blonde haired one, small dark haired one) and their breakthrough hit was the extremely catchy Motown-style pop hit “The Way To Your Heart” which I believe got them some international success, I can even remember it getting quite a lot of airplay on British radio at the time although it wasn’t a hit here.
A few years later when I started my foreign travels I made sure that Soulsister’s debut album was one of the first CDs I ever bought whilst abroad. “It Takes Two” is a great album and has stood the test of time. A mix of catchy and well-written songs with pop, soul and rock influences. Songs which are lyrically very clever - you have to remember that they are not native English speakers. What made Soulsister so special was Leyers and Michiels’ own musical styles and influences. Leyers brought a pop/rock sensibility to the band, and Michiels was the soul man. Together they made musical magic.

Their career lasted for approximately 10 years or thereabouts, before both Leyers and Michiels chose to pursue solo careers with varying success.

Recently I learned that the boys are getting back together for a gig next year in Antwerp - hope it goes well, and who knows - maybe they'll join the long list of comeback bands.

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...and they are working on a new cd too! New single will be released soon.