Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Not happy. No, make that really not happy at all. A.K.A. "Sometimes we all have bad days".

Firstly I'm back at work. :-(

Then as if that wasn't enough I finally got my hands on the list of the MTV EMA award nominees, with particular interest in the New Sounds of Europe category, to find that the Swedish winner going through to the semi-final is.....Neverstore?????? Now I don't mean any offence to Neverstore, as I've never heard any of their music and they might be absolutely wonderful, but in my currently Salem-focused universe that's just not right.

Presumably Salem isn't "MTV enough" as a look at the list of nominees for best Swedish act proves - he's not included in the list. (Laakso, Neverstore, The Ark, Those Dancing Days, Timo Raisanen).

More ramblings later today about the EMAs, if I have any enthusiasm left.

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