Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time for a rant about Mika.

Initially I really liked him, but he's beginning to irritate me now, although I've still got a lot of time for his album and can understand why he's so popular now all over Europe.

Anyway the reason for my rant tonight is that yet again "Relax, Take It Easy" has been passed over for a UK single release, in favour of "Happy Ending". Is this supposed to be the obligatory-ballad-release? IMHO it's much inferior and rather .....ordinary. And that's the problem you see, because love him or hate him you can't really call Mika ordinary. Or maybe this is just an attempt to win over some new fans in the 'hate' camp?

We at EuropeCrazy still love "Relax, Take It Easy" and think it's his best song, but that's record companies for you - they wouldn't know an obvious single if it hit them over the head with a wet fish. As someone close to the heart of this blogger once sang..."How many days will it take for you to understand?"

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