Friday, September 21, 2007

Today's bulletin from Planet Salem

Just discovered that all those lucky people living in Oslo will get the chance to see Salem and his wonderful band play live there on Friday 5 October.

Still haven't found any reviews/footage of the Berns Stockholm MTV gig from last night but I'm sure he was wonderful anyway. I read an interview on a website yesterday in which he confirmed that he is going to be launched internationally so that's great news.

Spoilsports of the week

Last night I went over to YouTube to watch Salem's P3 radio session footage only to find the following message:

"This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by EMI Music Sweden AB".

I know it won't be long till Christmas, but it looks as if his record company are already getting in the Scrooge spirit early.

OK then EMI. If you're going to get these videos removed then can you at least give Salem a decent official website and not the apology for one which exists at the moment.

Salem (and his big headphones) from last year's P3 session: now thanks to his record company, we can't watch this anymore.

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