Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hall of Fame: the Clouseau Playlist

Haven't forgotten about the Hall of Fame - but it's getting near the end of the month already so better get cracking with my Clouseau playlist!
Daar Gaat Ze: One of their early legendary ballads which also got them known in the Netherlands.
Louise: live version of crowd-pleasing anthem.
Gefluister en Geschreeuw: nice cover of Elvis Costello's "From a Whisper to a Scream".
Find them on: "Het Beste van Clouseau" (1990)

Geef Het Op: Belgium's 1991 Eurovision Song Contest entry, and deserved a better placing than 18th out of 22.

Live Like Kings: Clouseau released two English-language albums in an unsuccessful attempt to break the international market. This is a good uptempo pop/rock tune.
Find it on: "In Every Small Town" (1993)

Voorbij/Swentibold/Waterdrager/Keer Op Keer/Cara Lucia: "Oker" was for me their defining album, and they have never made a better one. Grown-up, commercial and although it was made 12 years ago, it has worn very well.
Find them on "Oker" (1995)

Nobelprijs/Je Bent Niets: By this time Clouseau for me were in "ballad hell" but these were the two best ones from an otherwise disappointing follow-up to "Oker".
Find them on "Adrenaline" (1996)

Heb Ik Ooit Gezegt/Zo Mooi/Ik, Jij, Hij of Zij: "In Stereo" provided a welcome return to form, led by their excellent cover of Van Morrison's "Have I Told You Lately".
Find them on "In Stereo" (1999)

Ik Geef Me Over/En Dans/Brandend Avontuur: First single from this album was a cover of an obscure Robbie Williams track from his 'Supreme' CD-single; the "En Dans" album was proof that Clouseau were back, back, back.
Find them on "En Dans" (2001)

Vanbinnen/Eeuwigheid: Proof that even though the Wauters brothers were getting older, the juggernaut wouldn't be slowing down. This album wasn't as good as the last one, but it'll do.
Find them on "Vanbinnen" (2005)

Vonken & Vuur/Oogcontact/Casanova: And so to the current album "Vonken & Vuur". 20 years on but nothing has really changed. As I said in my previous 'Hall of Fame' post, the Clouseau formula is simple: crowd-pleasing anthems with big singalong choruses. Happy 20th anniversary.
Find them on "Vonken & Vuur" (2007)

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Schlagerboys said...

Can't believe that Clouseau are still going - they were a bit rubbish at Eurovision but at least you can have a career in Belgium out of coming 73rd in Eurovision - just ask Kate Ryan! If only it was like that in the UK...